Laquey Jr. High and High School Classroom Highlights

Miss Murphy's Forensics class has been learning about identifying, comparing, and collecting fingerprints for crime scene investigation.  Students used coal to find their fingerprints and then compared their fingerprints to others. 

The MLK (Martin Luther King, Jr.) Day of Service inspires hundreds of thousands of Americans to come together to serve their community.  Laquey Jr. High students are participating in this event by making dog toys to donate to the Animal Shelter and local veterinary clinics.  Service opportunities will be ongoing and during the month of February students will design "Thinking of You" cards for residents at the Life Care Center Nursing Home in Waynesville.   

Mr. Wood's 7th Grade Science class uses their knowledge of engineering design to create an orange slice geometric support system for classroom books. This activity uses the scientific method and engineering design model to create structures to withstand increased weight until a critical failure occurs. Their goal is to achieve a more efficient and sturdy structure than the other students in the classroom working towards the same goal with their own designs.